#IAmWaiting – Jack

Jack 750Hey there, my name is Jack. I made an official commitment to God’s plan for purity at a Silver Ring Thing event in 2006. Since then, I’ve been relying on God’s strength, guidance and grace to keep me going. The commitment is not easy to keep, but through the Lord’s guidance, love and Holy Spirit, it is possible.

I’ve experienced what it’s like to cave into temptation, along with the spiritual and emotional death that comes with such decisions, and I know God’s way is much better. Jesus wants us to live in freedom, and living out His plan for purity is a very foundational issue that greatly affects whether we’re living in freedom or slavery. Giving ourselves to God daily is a must. We can not be slaves to the temptations we face. We are unable to escape the hormones and temptations in our lives, but we are able to let the Lord refine and renew our mind DAILY to help us live out HIS plan for purity.

I thoroughly enjoy living a life of freedom in Jesus. My silver ring is not just a reminder to myself, but a symbol of the commitment I have made to God. Wearing a ring often stirs up questions from other people wondering what the ring says and is about. When the question arises why I am waiting, I simply say that I’m living out God’s plan for purity, because I’ve seen way to many people who have not, and how their decisions have affected where they are today. God is for me, and wants what is best… and that means living a life of purity for Him and because of Him.


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