Pure Intentions

The topic of Purity is very important to me. A few years ago, God used me, a girl from the 9th ward in New Orleans to travel around the country to speak to youth about purity with Silver Ring Thing28056451_1734078083308948_3829811572708830961_n

In 2018, as a 29 year old woman, I am still committed to living pure. However, over the years God has developed my understanding of the importance of purity to our spiritual wellbeing, beyond sexuality

Purity in our intentions are just as important. Our actions stem from our intentions. God is looking for pure hearts and intentions. While He can use anyone, He desires those with a pure heart because He knows their intentions are to please Him and not to promote themselves.

Struggling with impure intentions, pray: God “Create in me a clean heart” Psalm 51:10

— Kerri, Life & Wellness Coach/Speaker/Blogger

About the author

DSC_8767Kerri is a former SRT tour team missionary and the author of Cultivating Kerri — a wellness lifestyle blog where she shares what she calls “my journey of cultivation,” an incredible venture to wholeness — spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Visit her website for more information and to follow her on social media!

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