Name: Jaye

Age: 20

Hometown: Massachusetts

Years on tour:  2

Duties on the road: Merch/Speaking

Fun fact: Grew up learning hula dancing

Why SRT is important to me: This ministry in itself stands for something that I have always been willing to stand for: purity, self-respect, understanding ones worth in Christ, etc.

Yes, I love what SRT stands for but that’s not the only reason why SRT is so important to me. This ministry has become part of my life – they have taken me in as one of their own and have helped strengthen the gifts that Christ has given me. They don’t just proclaim the truth, they live it out and build up men and women to do likewise. They aren’t just a typical “sex-education” ordeal, they’re passionate about spreading the truth, leaving nothing merely implied, and I believe we need more people like them in this world.

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