Upload this Insta of my cat already!

Gah!! My stupid phone is taking forever to upload this amazing photo of my cat to Insta!

Disclaimer: Anytime I hear negative comments towards my generation’s use of technology, I cringe. While I see where there is abuse of technology and we have major issues because of it, God has given me a spirit of optimism to be an encourager. There is so much negativity towards how my generation and the next are viewed by many of our elders largely attributed to us being a technology-based generation. Having a degree in Emerging Technology and Multimedia and previously working for Apple Inc., I have a completely different view of technology than the general public.

Technology is an incredible blessing to our generation and we can use our devices as the tools through which we express our creativity. Technology allows us to be more efficient, more productive and wildly creative. In our hands we hold the ability to import and export any information we want in every area of our lives. Think about that for a minute. You possess the ability to seek and to give any information in any format you wish in areas such as: business, entertainment, health, sports, news, food, fashion, travel, science, home, and spirituality. Let me put this into even greater perspective. There is more computing power in an iPhone 5s than NASA used to put the first man on the moon. We hold in our hands great power. However, with great power comes great responsibility.

If you’re in need of inspiration on how you can use your devices or see how others use theirs, I encourage you to seek out creative videos, blogs, or your favorite tech company’s website. Find out how people use their devices in incredible ways all over the world. You’re sure to find plenty of insight and motivation for your own spark of creativity. So, why am I saying all of this? Great question, I’m glad you asked. On a daily basis, we use our devices for insignificant things and even sometimes abuse the power we have. We can do so much good for the world, for our communities, our families, friends and ourselves when we allow the blessing of technology to grow and develop us as opposed to using it mindlessly or intentionally for the opposite.

Some of us use technology to paint a false picture of ourselves, use it as a shield against our true identity when speaking negatively about another, or to swipe left or right to label someone as “hot” or “not.” These ways and others are, in my opinion, a waste of life. When we take what’s good and turn it into junk, we waste time and ruin our character. It’s like taking a Les Paul and straight up smashing it on the ground. An instrument that could have produced awesome music now just became elements inside of a garbage bag. Don’t waste the incredible tools available to you for creating trash. Whatever interests, talents or aspirations you have, find useful apps, websites, etc. for channeling your creativity, blessing someone’s day or simply having fun with friends.

My favorite commercial of all time continues to inspire me to do more with my devices. Apple’s iPad Air commercial dubbed with the reciting of a Walt Whitman poem from the movie Dead Poet’s Society is legit. If you haven’t already seen it, check it out. Besides showing a number of amazing ways people use their iPads, the poem raises a unique question to the listener. Whitman ponders life and specifically things such as: people betraying our hopes and expectations of them, the foolishness of others and how he himself is no less foolish than others, not living up to what we should and want to be, the desperate longing for meaning in life, and vain pursuits of things that do not last. Because of all of these observations, he asks what is good in life and what is the point of it all? He then answers his own question by saying, “That you are here and identity-that the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.” In essence, he suggests that existence is enough. No matter what role you play, we are all great actors in the play known as life and we all contribute a verse to it.

What role will you play? What will your verse be?

Contributed by Christen Cappatt, SRChristenT National Tour Team Member

*Silver Ring Thing does not endorse any particular brand or carrier of technology. We are not being compensated for any of
this stuff.  Christen just happens to be a big fan of Apple. That is all.

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