#IAmWaiting – Zach

750zachOn July 7th, 2008, I attended a Silver Ring Thing show and decided to wait until marriage to have sex then and there, but it wasn’t always easy. I grew up in an awesome Christian family and knew what it meant to be pure, however around my freshman year of high school I found myself caught up in the sin of pornography. I was constantly surrounded by the idea of sex before marriage because somehow it was made acceptable in society and also acceptable to joke about.

At first the jokes seemed harmless but when you are putting nothing but garbage in, eventually garbage comes out. God was faithful to me and showed me that the only way I was able to overcome my addiction to porn, was not if I did anything by my own power, but if I spend time with God instead of time on the internet. It was hard, but when you have God’s word on your heart, fighting temptation is a million times easier. God gave me the strength and knowledge I needed to overcome it. I started to take a stand and not give into these jokes that were in reality disgusting and not funny.

By joking about things like sex and drugs and whatnot, we slowly start to believe and convince ourselves that they are okay, that it’s normal. That’s what bugged me the most! Some of my friends were actually caught up in drugs and sex and we stand around joking about it. No! I decided to no longer participate in these jokes and even would try to stop them. Yeah, it sucked being “that guy” all the time and sometimes even have my friends hated me for it, but I knew what was right. I wasn’t perfect in any way and many times found myself backsliding, but God IS faithful and won’t ever let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. Now God has blessed me immensely! I get the privilege to travel the country talking to kids about taking a stand! God has a plan for me and when I meet my future wife, I can proudly say that I waited for her.

Stay Strong,

5 thoughts on “#IAmWaiting – Zach

  1. Danae

    Proud of you, Zach! From experience, I can tell you that it’s definitely worth the wait! The love that you & your future wife will share is going to be that much stronger because of your decision for her & for Christ. Your testimony is going to & I’m sure has already touched so many lives! You’re awesome!

  2. Absolutely awesome that I got to meet you. In some ways, our testimonies are extremely similar. After talking to you, made my considerations about joining the team someday a lot more solid. Stay fierce, my friend.

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